Week 12 – Spring is here!

Start of Spring, Birthdays and the New Born!

Spring is finally upon us! Or as my mum and I discussed, was it already here? According to the meterological calendar Spring started on 1st of March and made us all look like chumps in the process, so I’m going to stick to the astronomical version and say it starts today!

What a difference four weeks makes. My last blog post heralded the success of getting my *somewhat apprehensive* father and step-mother to do an escape room. Naturally, the loved every damn second of it.

My mum and nan came two weeks later and swept away half of H&Ms baby section away with them. We now have a little one who will be decked out in Winnie the Pooh onesies and Batman t-shirts. My nan (who is 82 this year, which I tell you only for context) lamented our choice of Batman as we didn’t know what gender the kid will be. But then who doesn’t want a little girl to kick ass and throw customised ninja stars? Anyway, it’s a generational thing I’m told. We bought it anyway.

Two weeks later from that it it was my sister’s birthday on 13th March and mine on 15th. We sent each other the customary cards and she enjoyed hers and I enjoyed mine in our own way. I believe Laura went to a spa of some sort. I myself, went to Vera’s parents’ house for the weekend and ate my weight in fishcakes and chocolate cakes. All of which was excellent! I always have the feeling that when I leave my parents-in-laws’ I’m about a five kilo heavier – which I now refer to as my sympathy belly in support of my wife’s growing bump. Long live the bump(s)!

Anyway, Spring is here and the plants and trees are growing back and the people are outside playing music and dancing (sometimes literally) in the streets. Add to that my fight with Rewe supermarket continues apace and they’re yet to buy bins or a cigarette bin to put outside their store! It costs like 20 Euro you tight bastards!

Work as ever is up and down, hence why I’m writing this on a Wednesday morning with nothing else to do 😀

The only good thing is that I started working at the Volkshochschule and have a class called ‘Spring Time Talks’ where I get to talk about current affairs with people all day long – something I love to do.

Current Affairs topics:

1. Christchurch and Utrecht attacks. A parallel blame game?

2. Brexit. The future of a broken relationship?

3. What will happen in Middle East when the USA leaves?

4. Why China should be feared as a world Superpower.

5. Colin Kaepernick is still a giant money hungry douchebag.

6. Villas in Croatia and where to find them.

Okay, the last one is private but if I can get my students to do the groundwork for me then even better!

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