Six Things to Look Forward to in 2019

                                                Six Reasons Why I’m Feeling Positive This Year!

So much has happened recently that I’ve hardly noticed that I’ve already been married 6 months. It’s been a rollercoaster. Here are six things I’m looking forward to for the year ahead:

  1. The New Flat Is Frickin’ Amazing.

That’s right. We moved way back in October and we fell in love with it immediately but right now, I have to say, it’s the best flat I’ve ever lived in. There’s so much light filtering in through our triple-glazed windows keeping us warm we still haven’t turned the heating on and I’m most days in my shorts and a t-shirt, even when it’s just a few degrees outside. Compare this to the old flat when I had to layer up (a t-shirt, jumper, AND a bathrobe) between November and March and you can see why I’m looking forward to this beautiful flat so much in the spring, summer and autumn. Vera told me yesterday we haven’t even started to explore how nice it will be because as yet, we’ve only lived through winter so far and not really used our sun lounger on the balcony or our new reading area next to our giant windows. Or had a BBQ on the balcony. Or had guests stay on our new sofa bed that we bought last week. We’re so excited!

  1. Staycations – including more friends!

Last year was exceptional. We only went back to England once the whole year and that was for Christmas. We also had a mega-crazy trip to Japan which sucked up a lot of our money and time off work. Not this year. This year, we’re going to stay more local, see more friends, go back to England a couple more times and hopefully chill a little bit more. Japan was great, don’t get me wrong, but we really hit it hard, walking around, sightseeing, doing activities every day. This year we’ve booked a simple weekend trip to Vienna and a relaxing stay on the coast which is just a few hours’ drive from Dresden on the Baltic Sea in a place called Rügen, which as you can see from the photos, looks ridiculously nice for a north European beach area.

  1. Visitors! Lots of Them!

Yes, as mentioned earlier we are now ready to accommodate people in the new flat no problem. Our old apartment didn’t have a spare room and it wasn’t ideal to have people come stay. That’s all changed, and our guests can now enjoy a bit of privacy too in a place of their own! Add to that the fact our wedding/honeymoon in 2018 took up a lot of our time and resources, it meant that we couldn’t see family quite so often back in the UK, or even invite them here. This year we’ve already booked up three family visits in the first few months which Vera and I are really looking forward to. We love to host and can’t wait to do it in our lovely apartment (see number 1).

  1. More Money More Problems? WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU ON ABOUT, P-DIDDY?

That song is great and all, but what in the hell did P-Diddy mean by all that nonsense? It seems a bit shallow to say that your comfortable life creates new problems for you and as we now have two salaries coming into the household I can’t say that we’re generating more problems because of it. If anything, it’s solving them. When Vera was a student and I, a lowly English teacher, were tightening our budgets and worrying about balancing our next set of bills to pay, we would have loved to be in a position where we could easily afford everything. NOT that I’m saying we’re now ROLLING in money, but it’s surprising how two wages help out. This year (on the back of our aforementioned wedding and honeymoon) we’re going to be able to settle down and really invest our time and money where we want it to go – mostly our own security and our future family together. It’s boring and necessary entry but I can’t wait to refill my bank balance that was wiped out from last year.

  1. Giving Up The Vices! Or, At Least, Cutting Way Down…!

So, off the back of getting a chest infection and having a bad cold for a week or two over Christmas and the New Year, I’ve decided to give up smoking completely, and cut down on drinking alcohol except for special occasions. This coincides with me trying to increase my general health and vitality through other means like jogging and staying active. It has to be said, I’ve really let myself go the last few years and if I don’t start getting a handle on it now, who knows where I could end up! It’s not like I’ve always felt this bad and it’s surprising how out of breath I get if I do even some mild running around now. Getting old is a bitch! Fuck you mother nature and father time! Anyway, this year is the year I turn it all around and get in to shape. Who’s with me?! Plus, I promise to not become preachy when I start looking more like George Clooney or Brad Pitt or whoever the ladies like these days. I already feel better for not drinking/smoking the last three weeks. Let’s see where it takes me.

  1. Reading and Writing!

As a wanna-be author I have read a lot of advice from more accomplished and experienced writers who have already reached their goal. The sagest advice so far has been from Stephen King; write a lot, read a lot. Now that I’ve written my first novel, I feel like the pressure has lifted and I can read more, write more and everything feels more… balanced, like I’m reading and writing because I WANT TO, not because I feel the pressure of editing my book when really, I have no idea what I am doing. Hopefully this year sees me continue to read a book a week and write two thousand words (including editing). I’ve already written 60 pages of book number two and I’m feeling FRESH!

P.S check my 52 books in a year for updates on my 52 Books in a Year Challenge.

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