Six of the Best; Dresden Christmas Trees and Markets

There’s six days until Christmas (just…) and it’s about time I showcased ‘Six of the Best Christmas Trees’ you can find in Dresden, Germany. If you’re here in the next week make sure you get out and about and see the sights, the lights, the decorations and of course, the Weihnachtsbäume!

The best thing is that most of these wonderful firs are next to some of the best markets you can find in Europe! In no particular order, here they are:

Top Top – Altmarkt, Dresden. The Dresden Striezelmarkt or Dresden Weihnachtsmarkt.

This tree is very fortunate to be situated in one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany – and the biggest in Dresden. The market’s location on the Altmarkt square is pride of place and through its narrow alleys you can find a hundred stands selling anything from household goods to woolly hats, and nearly every single stand sells Glühwein! Food is mostly a variation of pork, cheese and bread (this is still Germany you know), but still absolutely delicious – also important after a few mugs of the warm red stuff. It’s also located next to one of the biggest shopping centres in case you want to pop into either quickly. The Christmas Tree is fantastic and stands directly in the centre of the whole thing, vying for your camera’s attention with all the other marvellous delights on offer – including a giant Erzgebirge pyramid and ferris wheel.

Top Left – Hauptbahnhof.

Standing at the east end of the station next to the Spar (not 24 hours, sadly), this tree has more lights, baubles and shiny flecks than a Disney castle. It’s stunning and its perfect conical shape adds to its beauty under a the giant dome roof of the station. If you’re arriving at the Hauptbahnhof (Main Station in English) check it out!

Top Right – Freiberger Straße.

A bit simpler than the rest, but no less impressive, this tree sits outside the World Trade Center. Yes, that’s right. Dresden has a World Trade Center. I don’t know why either. The tree is a wonderful fir and has lots of baby firs at the bottom to fatten it out, giving it a more natural look than the other tress on the list. One of the best things is the daily farmers/food market in- and outside the WTC and you can usually find something appetising to eat as you walk in to town!

Bottom Left – Home

I’m totally biased with this one. It’s our Christmas Tree at home. It’s chubby and squat and beautiful – mostly because we have some delicious German cookies underneath it. We’ll share if you send me a message, I promise.

Bottom Right – Neumarkt Platz/Square

This is a wonderfully charming COLLECTION of Christmas Trees, as most of them are above large umbrellas to protect you as you drink Glühwein. That’s right, you get to get drunk UNDER a Christmas Tree. And there’s plenty to choose from. The market itself is full of Victorian age eateries and manufacturers, all of them dressed in old style clothing, baking and cooking and chiselling goods with traditional methods. It’s more expensive than the rest – but you get to enjoy everything right next to the Frauenkirche, Dresden’s iconic church three minutes away from the Elbe. The whole place at night is glorious.

Bottom Bottom – Prager Straße tree and market.

Another fantastic market in the centre of Dresden, this one is a little bit more varied than the rest. The decorations are more modern and less traditional and the food on offer represents this as well. Kebabs, curries, fried noodles etc. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of Glühwein, Eierlikör (Eggnog) and hot choclate on offer!


All markets usually close around 9:30pm during the week, and around 10:00pm on the weekends, although you might find some stands braving the weather until later. Happy adventuring!

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