52 Book Challenge Update and Karl May Museum!

Another week, another book... kind of, and a trip to the museum of a local hero               Week three saw me hit a bit of a snag with my 52 books in a year challenge. The Orphan Master’s Son was both hard to read and looooong. 584 pages to be exact, or that’s how I remember it and, in North Korea, anyone can change their reality it seems. Whilst there were parts of this book I really enjoyed (Jun Do in Japan, in the US, in prison), there were also large sections where my imagination wandered no matter how eloquent and poignant the scenes I was reading. An epic that could have been shortened by about 200 pages.…


52 Books in a Year Challenge!

Hello, hello, happy readers. As you may know it’s January and a lot of people have set themselves (sometimes ridiculous) challenges for the year ahead. And I’m no different! I keep being asked by friends and family if I have any plans for 2019 and apart from the usual – slim down, drink less alcohol, smoke less, eat less meat – I feel like this challenge could be a real winner! A little background about myself. I’m not actually much of an avid reader. The last year or two I’ve been so swept up in politics, writing my own novel and trying to nail a regular salary, I’ve not given myself a lot of time to enjoy reading.…


6 Films for 2019

6 Films that I am personally looking forward to in 2019!             As a lover of cinema I regularly check the 'what's coming out soon' section at my local Rundkino (Round Cinema, but actually Cineplex https://www.cineplex.de/dresden/) here in Dresden. Trouble is they mostly don't show films in English, this being in Germany and all. Therefore it's hard to stay up-to-date with the world of cinema, so I got in the habit of regularly checking at the start of the year the WHOLE schedule of planned films coming out for the year. That way, in the event of a surprise showing in one of the city's more 'trendy' cinemas, such as the KIF (https://www.kif-dresden.de/) - which means 'Cinema in…


Six of the Best; Dresden Christmas Trees and Markets

There's six days until Christmas (just...) and it's about time I showcased 'Six of the Best Christmas Trees' you can find in Dresden, Germany. If you're here in the next week make sure you get out and about and see the sights, the lights, the decorations and of course, the Weihnachtsbäume! The best thing is that most of these wonderful firs are next to some of the best markets you can find in Europe! In no particular order, here they are: Top Top - Altmarkt, Dresden. The Dresden Striezelmarkt or Dresden Weihnachtsmarkt. This tree is very fortunate to be situated in one of the oldest Christmas markets in Germany - and the biggest in Dresden. The market's location…


Book Launch!

Wow, what a year it's been. If it wasn't stressful enough from organizing a wedding, a honeymoon and then moving apartment; all within six weeks of each other, I thought it would be a clever idea to write, re-write and edit my first ever ebook simultaneously. But it's here. Finally. Six Eyes took about three years and about a zillion rhetorical self-doubting questions to finish, but I got there. If I hadn't, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life and, depsite my own perseverance, I would like to thank my beautiful and supportive wife, Vera, for all her help - especially for quietly encouraging me whilst I kept my manuscript under password protection. So,…


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